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We are working hard to help you secure your financial future through home ownership. Credit is not always the first step! The right plan for success is key.

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We help change lives by transitioning pwople into home ownership so that they can focus on savings, opening a business, or investing their income.


Knowledge is more than power, it is the key to securing a better future for you and your family. We offer free online classes that provide valuable information needed for multiple homeownership opportunities. Our educational partners are seasoned in all aspects of ownership including but not limited to: credit preparation and becoming bankable, owner finance, rent to own, fixer upper, USDA Rural development loans, VA Loans, Multifamily housing, refinance and more. Our next virtual class is in April! Register here

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Devan's Testimony

I was living with family and barely working during the pandemic but they helped me get a house that I'm fixing now. I'm learning how to take care of my home for myself and depend on me! I'm a home owner now free and clear and have no mortgage payments. It was not the typical home buying process but I didn't have the credit to do that. They helped me see the value and potential in my home and I'm so grateful.  "Devan"- 25 years old

Kim's Story

I was living in circumstances that were very unfavorable. My home was in disrepair but I had no where else to go. The Nail It Forward Program saved my life. I am able to store my medical equipment in my home now and walk on floors that are stable. No more animals coming in my home and no more cold air getting in or out. I am telling everyone I know that Sustainable Home sustained me. Thank you so much. "K"

Mrs. Scott says

These guys came and helped me when no one else would or could. I'm a widowed senior citizen and don't have anyone but my daughter to lean on. With the help of Sustainable Home and their Nail It Forward program, I was able to get my floors fixed and a leaking issue. I can sleep at night now without fear of rats coming in. The team was so nice and professional. I thank God all the time.

Single Mother of 2

I was moving from place to place and waiting for housing to come through. I'm working full time and want a house so bad. So I heard about this program and called them. They let me rent a house while I was helping with repairs and giving sweat equity in the home while my credit was being built through them. Then they owner financed it until I can go through a bank! OMG I am a home owner now and I trusted the process!


The Home Run 5k

The Home Run 5k promotes homeownership as an answer to homelessness in the top 5 poorest states in America: Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama. Poverty and low income directly effect homeownership as well as homelessness all over the United States. These top five states are our launching pad for this exciting event that includes a baseball game at the finish line. We will be educating people about rates of homelessness and homeownership in their state and providing resources to attendees. Our goal is to 'Open The Door' to opportunities for homeownership and helping people become sheltered in their area. Tickets and location information will become available in soon. Now accepting partnerships and sponsors. Request info here